Asad Umar directs to start Naulong Dam construction work

Asad Umar directs to start Naulong Dam construction work


Islamabad: Assad Umar, Minister of Planning, Development and Special Planning, instructed to start the construction of the Naurong Dam in Balochistan at a cost of 28 billion rupees.

The minister chaired a meeting here to review the progress of water conservancy projects in Balochistan. He said that the current government has initiated large-scale projects to build dams and canal systems, and the Naurong Dam is a supplement to these projects.

He said these projects will help solve the water shortage problem in the Luchi Province.

Earlier, Asad Umar was particularly introduced to the progress of the Balochistan water project and Zhilong Dam.

Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan, Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee, Mathar Niaz Rana, Planning Secretary, and Balochistan Secretary of the Ministry of Irrigation and senior officials also attended the briefing via video conference.

The Naurong Dam is a dyke to be built on the Mugla River, about 30 kilometers away from Gandawa City in the Jalmagesi District of Balochistan Province.

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