Indian Opposition seeks probe into Arnab Goswami's leaked WhatsApp chat

Arnab Goswami Whatsapp leaks: Indian conspiracy behind Pulwama attack exposed


Islamabad: The true face of India and its conspiracy behind the Pulwama attack and Balakot strikes has been exposed, vindicating Pakistan’s stance on the attacks.

According to details, it has been revealed that Pulwama attack was a false flag operation, in which India killed its own troops and tried to pin the blame on Pakistan.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to use the deaths of his country’s soldiers to gain sympathy, and in turn, votes, for the 2019 elections.

According to Indian media, Arnab Goswami, a journalist close to the Modi government was happy at the Pulwama attack and knew about the Balakot incursion beforehand. Leaked Whatsapp chats of the Indian journalist with Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) CEO Partho Dasgupta have revealed that Arnab told the CEO about the attack three days before it took place.

According to the gossip leaked by Arnab Goswami, he boasted that the Modi government would take major steps against Pakistan, which would be much larger than any previous attack.

Arnab Goswami had informed about the Indian plan on February 23, 2019 and the infiltration attempt took place on February 26, after which the Pakistan Air Force shot down the Indian plane.

The Indian journalist was also found to be joyous over the death of 40 Indian soldiers in the Pulwama attack. “This attack we have won like crazy”, he said morbidly.

This development is a part of the ongoing TRP scam case in India, a 500-page document of alleged chats of Arnab Goswami was allegedly leaked on social media. The alleged chats reveal damning information related to Goswami’s proximity with the Prime Minister’s office and members of the ruling government, his efforts to manipulate TRPs in his favour and seek help from the BJP government.

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