Armenia PM party wins majority in snap polls

Armenia PM party wins majority in snap polls


Yerevan: Official results on Monday showed that the political party of Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan won 53.9% in a parliamentary poll to resolve the political crisis after the war with Azerbaijan. Votes.

An alliance led by his rival, ex-leader Robert Kocharyan, came second with 21 percent, according to the results based on ballots from 100 percent of precincts counted.

The winning party or group needs to get at least 50% of the seats plus one seat, and can allocate more seats to form a government.

Pashinyan announced the victory based on the early results a few hours ago, but Kocharyan’s group quickly disputed the vote and was suspected of election fraud.

A record four electoral groups and 21 political parties participated in Sunday’s elections.

The voting was seen as a two-horse race, and both the 46-year-old Pasinyan and the 66-year-old Kocharyan attracted a large crowd before the vote.

“The people of Armenia gave our Civil Contract party a mandate to lead the country and personally me to lead the country as prime minister,” Pashinyan announced in the small hours of Monday.

“We already know that we won a convincing victory in the elections and we will have a convincing majority in parliament,” he added, urging supporters to turn up at Yerevan’s main square Monday evening.

Kocharyan’s electoral bloc said it would not recognise Pashinyan’s quick claim to victory, which came when around 30 percent of precincts had been counted.

“Hundreds of signals from polling stations testifying to organised and planned falsifications serve as a serious reason for lack of trust,” the bloc said in a statement, adding it would not “recognise” the results until the “violations” were studied.

On Sunday night, the Attorney General’s Office stated that it had received 319 reports of violations. It said it had launched six criminal investigations, all of which involved bribery during the election campaign.

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