Appointments of special assistants to prime minister challenged in IHC


Islamabad: Islamabad High Court (IHC) has questioned the appointment of 15 special assistants to the Prime Minister (SAPMs), Dunya News reported Wednesday.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and SAPMs have become responses to the petition, including Naeemul Haq, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, Afad Afzal, Ali Nawaz Awan, Zulfi Bukhari, Shahzad Akbar, Dr. Moeed Yusuf, Usman Dar, etc. The name of the person

The plaintiff’s position is that Dr. Moeed Yusuf has worked in various think tanks in the United States in the past and that his appointment may conflict with national interests.

The counter-objection also argues that Article 4 (6) of the 1973 Business Rules allows the Prime Minister to appoint special assistants, but such appointments have not been made in accordance with Article 92 of the Pakistani Constitution and SAPM has been illegally granted authority to federal and state secretaries .

The petition requires the IHC to declare SAPM’s status as federal / state secretary illegal, while the steps taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan and the government are illegal. The request further requested the court to order the National Accountability Office (NAB) to take action against all persons involved.

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