Apple may face a $26 billion fine as EU investigates Siri

Apple may face a $26 billion fine as EU investigates Siri


For those who don’t know, EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager is behind the Irish tax evasion lawsuit. Now, the official is investigating information from 400 companies to see if there is any misconduct with voice assistants (such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s Alexa). If a foul is found, the company behind these voice assistants may face antitrust charges.

In the past, such inquiries led to billions of dollars in fines for various industries related to energy, finance, and even pharmaceuticals. In other words, the European Union is trying to obtain information from 400 companies to send information to industry giants such as Apple, Amazon and Google. A message designed to keep them checked.

Earlier this week, Apple just made a ruling involving Ireland’s $13.9 billion in unpaid taxes. However, the company does not seem to have time to celebrate, as another possible investigation of its voice assistant may be to pay a fine of $26 billion.

Companies that violate the rules of competition for voice assistants can be fined 10% of their global revenue. This means that Apple’s global revenue last year was 260 billion US dollars, and may be fined 26 billion US dollars. The reason for this move is because of the inherent number of consumer data IoT products used with the latest smart products.

Unfortunately, it is too early to say anything, and we will notify you of any major updates.

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