Anti-Muslim women remarks: UK PM refuses to offer apology 1

Anti-Muslim women remarks: UK PM refuses to offer apology


London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has once again refused to apologize for his derogatory and offensive remarks against Muslim women and for the growing number of Islamic phobias in his party.

Opposition leaders Jeremy Corbyn and Bradford West Naz Shah MPs raised these issues during weekly Question Time and asked Mr. Johnson to apologize.

Jeremy Corbyn refers to an article that Boris Johnson published in the Telegraph in 2018 comparing a Muslim woman’s headscarf to “bank robbers” and The “Mailbox”.

Mr Corbyn also criticized Prime Minister Johnson’s general attitude towards women, reminding him that he also made offensive remarks not only against Muslim women, but also against single mothers and their children and working women.

“The Prime Minister has made repeated offensive remarks against single mothers and their children. Yes, he described them as ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate,” said the Labour leader.

Jeremy Corbyn also reminded Boris Johnson that he spoke to Muslim women and said that Muslim women are “bank robbers” and working women, when he (Boris) suggested that The best way to deal with female colleagues is “just her to stroke ‘. Down there and send her there. “

Criticizing government policies on rape regulations and canceling local services has created a climate of discrimination for women, especially blacks, Asians and people with disabilities.

“Words have consequences, and the prime minister’s offensive words are backed up with offensive and discriminatory policies”, added Mr Corbyn.

“Will the prime minister apologise for his offensive comments, and ensure that those discriminatory policies are reversed by his government?” demanded Jeremy Corbyn.

But in response, Johnson completely gave up the opposition leader’s original question. Instead, he submitted anti-Semitism to Labor.

Boris Johnson told the House that his party is proud to promote women’s rights and that the women’s prime ministers are all Conservative parties, while the Labor party doesn’t even have women’s party leaders.

“I am proud that we have a record number of female MPs in our party today. I am proud that this is the only party that has produced not one, but two female premiers. Wouldn’t it be an extraordinary and amazing thing if the Labour party were to produce a female leader of its own?” said Boris Johnson.

He said he refused to learn from the sexism of political parties bullied by female lawmakers.

Bradford West Member of Parliament Naz Shah also criticized the ruling conservative party’s approach to Islamophobia within the party. The shadow minister in charge of women and equality asked the prime minister to stop hiding behind his robes, which were Muslims. She added that the prime minister is clinging to fig leaves and that one of his cabinet members, Sajid Javed, is now a Pakistani Muslim.

Naz Shah has labeled the Prime Minister’s reference to Labor’s anti-Semitism as a possible split and tit-for-tat approach to a very serious problem.

Naz Shah urges Emmy-winning actor Riz Ahmed’s short film “Long Goodbye” to be released last week, portraying many British minorities who don’t find it popular in Britain Heartbroken. Lawmakers listen and watch, as many Muslims in her constituency share her concerns.

“Will the prime minister, given that 300 complaints of Islamophobia in his party, simply tell me what he is doing to assure Britain’s Muslims that their premier is not an Islamophobe and takes their concerns seriously?” demanded Naz Shah.

However, the prime minister did not answer questions about the increase in Islamophobia within the party and what measures he will take to respond to these incidents, but instead blamed the opposition for not taking enough measures within the party to address these incidents. to solve the problems.

“I can reassure the hon. member that there is absolutely no room for hatred or racism in this party—in our Conservative party—and I wish I could say the same of her own party,” said Boris Johnson.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn also said that the Family Abuse Act would be a piece of paper without funding.

“There has to be funding to ensure that those who are victims of domestic violence get the support they need in the centres they need, which are underfunded by this government,” added Mr Corbyn.

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