Anger and virus cases rise in China with 722 deaths 1

Anger and virus cases rise in China with 722 deaths


Beijing: In China, the number of confirmed new virus cases has risen again, and Saturday’s death toll has risen to 722 because the ruling Communist party has been furious and convicted by the public for the death of a police doctor after being threatened by the police. An alarm about the disease sounded a month ago.

The government announced that 3,399 people had been diagnosed in the last 24 hours, reversing the downward trend for two consecutive days and increasing the total number of cases on the mainland to 34,546.

The Thai Ministry of Health reported seven new cases of coronavirus on Saturday, including three Thais and four Chinese.
New cases bring the total number of reports in the country to 32.

Japan reports that three cruise ship passengers are confronted with more disasters
A total of 64 cases were aboard an isolated vessel, while another was rejected. President Xi Jinping spoke with President Donald Trump on Friday and urged the United States to “give a reasonable answer” to the epidemic, following complaints about some countries banning Chinese travelers from overreacting.

Related imageAfter the online commotion against the government’s treatment of dr. Li Wenliang, gave a notice of reconciliation to the Communist Party and said she was sending a team “to fully investigate relevant issues raised by the public.”

Lee, a 34-year-old ophthalmologist, contracted the virus while treating patients and his death was confirmed early Friday. Li Zeng, one of eight medical staff in Wuhan, tried to alert colleagues and others without warning from the government, and said the police had forced him to sign a statement admitting that he had circulated false information.

Even the Global Times, a strong advocate of the government, said the treatment of Lee Kuan Yew and other whistleblowers “was proof that local authorities cannot respond to infectious and deadly viruses.”

The incident has led to long-term complaints that Communist officials have lied or outbreaks of disease, chemical leaks, dangerous consumer goods or financial fraud. Chinese citizens can be imprisoned because they spread rumors or cause problems.

Most virus deaths are elderly people with health problems, but disease experts say that Li’s work – the eye doctor was close to the patient during the examination – may have given him a large dose of the virus, making him more serious.

Among the 3,700 passengers and crew members from Japan who were isolated on Saturday, another three were diagnosed at Diamond Princess. They are still in quarantine for 14 days.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has stated that foreign tourists are not allowed to enter Japan on another Dutch ship, the Westerdam. He said that patients with suspected viruses were being treated. Official overseas travel agency Mie Matsubara said the ship, which has more than 2000 people, is looking for another port near Okinawa.

“We’re getting desperate,” she said, “we hope we can go somewhere so that passengers can land.”

The United States announced at the end of Friday that it was preparing to spend $ 100 million to help China and other countries fight the epidemic.

The government also said it contributed to sending nearly 18 tons of medical supplies donated to China by the American people, including masks, dresses, gauze and respirators.

Almost all of the dead in the outbreak were in China. The National Health Council of China says that around 4,800 people are treated in harsh conditions, accounting for nearly 17%.

The vast majority of infected people are in China. There are around 290 countries in about two other countries, including Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and South Korea.

The United States has reported 12 cases.

Hundreds of Americans who have been evacuated from disaster-stricken areas of China arrived in the United States on Friday and will be quarantined for two weeks at military bases.

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