Dengue cases continue to increase in Punjab

Amid pandemic, dengue cases on rise in Sindh


Karachi: According to a report from the Ministry of Health of Sindh Province, from September 1st to September 21st, Sindh Province recorded 338 cases of dengue fever throughout the province.

According to statistics shared by the provincial health department here on Wednesday, most cases of dengue fever came from the Karachi branch.

Among all cases, the Karachi branch recorded 239 cases of dengue fever, of which the central region reported the highest number of cases with 83 cases.

Out of the total cases in the Karachi division, 51 cases are in East District, 23 in Korangi and 23 in Malir Districts, 37 in South District and 21 in West District.

As many as 84 cases have been registered in the Hyderabad division, while 12 cases were detected in the Mirpurkhas division of the province.

According to the provincial health department, four people have died of dengue in Karachi, three in Central District and one in East.

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