All classes below 8th grade to resume on Sept 28 in Sindh: Saeed Ghani

All classes below 8th grade to resume on Sept 28 in Sindh: Saeed Ghani


Karachi: The Minister of Education of Sindh Province, Saeed Ghani, announced on Friday that all courses under the eighth grade will resume on September 28 and will not tolerate the slightest violation of the safety agreement by the school administration.

“Pre-primary, primary and secondary classes have all been allowed to go to back to school,” he said.

He explained that there had been no disruption as such in the reopening of schools and that it was only the second phase of reopening that had been delayed by only a week.

Ghani said that the schools that were sealed were due to two reasons: if a coronavirus case was found in school staff, or if children had been asked to rejoin at a time when the permission by the government had not been granted.

“Now as we resume the reopening of schools, Sindh has decided that very strict enforcement of safety measures will be ensured,” he warned.

The announcement comes a day after Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho’s warning against reopening of schools.

In an interview with Geo News, Dr. Pechuho said that the province’s positive rate of coronavirus has increased from 1.5% to 3%, and it is unwise to reopen schools under the current circumstances.

Last week, Ghani announced that due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19, educational institutions have not complied with the security protocols issued by the government and therefore postponed the reopening of schools for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students.

The minister has stated that if the COVID-19 situation improves, students in these grades will be required to return to school on September 28. He said that during this period, the provincial government will understand how to better implement the following SOP.

“Our goal is not to close the school permanently, we just seek their way when we see them failing to perform their duties. They should abide by their promises.

The Minister of Education said: “In order to satisfy us, the following safety regulations should not be implemented. Our children go to these schools. This is a matter of their health and safety.”

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