Airbus technical team arrives at PIA plane crash site to continue probe

Airbus technical team arrives at PIA plane crash site to continue probe


Karachi: The technical team of the aircraft manufacturing company Airbus arrived at the scene of the PIA aircraft crash on Wednesday to investigate the matter.

The team, composed of technical experts, arrived in Karachi on Tuesday to investigate the crash of the PK8303 aircraft. They will also continue their investigation today (Wednesday).

The source said that the unmanned camera will be used again during the on-site investigation, and an investigation team of 11 members will use forensic medicine to investigate the crash today.

In addition, the source added that the team and a local investigation team will focus on finding today’s cockpit records. PIA’s flight safety team will also accompany the Airbus fleet at the crash site.

The source said that after the Airbus team turned on the green light, the rest of the aircraft (including the cabin, tail and other parts) was transferred from the scene to the airport.

However, the source added that the aircraft’s engine and landing gear will be transferred in a few days.

Due to the investigation by the technical team, the gear shifting was stopped earlier.

On Tuesday, PIA and fire department officials briefed the Airbus team on the crash. The aircraft accident and investigation team also attended with the Airbus technical team to ascertain the situation.

Technical experts studied the wreckage of the aircraft and inspected the aircraft’s engine, landing gear, wings and flight control system.

The team then checked the runway at Jinnah International Airport and later visited the control tower.

Airbus is conducting an independent investigation into the crash, which is reported to have occurred due to engine failure.

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