After U.S. warning, Iran says its navy will still operate in Gulf

After U.S. warning, Iran says its navy will still operate in Gulf


Dubai: ISNA News Agency reported on Wednesday that the Iranian navy will continue to perform regular missions in the Gulf region, the day after the United States warned sailors there to stay away from American warships.

“The naval units of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman will continue their regular missions in accordance with professional principles as in the past,” ISNA quoted an unnamed military official as saying.

The US warning to sailors came after US President Donald Trump last month threatened to open fire on any Iranian vessel that harassed US Navy vessels.

The Bahrain-based U.S. Naval Forces Central Command said in a statement its notice was “designed to enhance safety, minimize ambiguity and reduce the risk of miscalculation”.

Prior to this, there was an incident last month when 11 Iranian ships were close to the US Navy and Coast Guard ships in the Gulf region, which was called “dangerous and provocative” by the US military. Tehran blamed the incident on the long-term enemy.

The friction between Tehran and Washington has been increasing since 2018, when Trump and six major powers withdrew from the nuclear agreement signed by Iran in 2015 and imposed sanctions on countries that caused severe damage to the country ’s economy.

The head of Iran ’s elite Revolutionary Guards said last month that if the security of the Gulf region is threatened, Tehran will destroy American warships.

Iran ’s civilian rulers believe that the US military presence in the Middle East poses a threat to the security of the Islamic Republic.

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