After the White House, US President Trump faces uncertain future and legal threats

After the White House, US President Trump faces uncertain future and legal threats


Washington: President Donald Trump is leaving the White House, but he will not disappear quietly.

After failing to pass the law in an effort to overthrow his November. Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the general election with three votes. Trump won the vote of the State Election Commission that officially determined the US presidency on Monday. Trump will re-enter his private life on January 20. Bring a series of opportunities.

These include another White House election in 2024 or a new pursuit by the media. But they are shrouded in potential legal dangers and business challenges.

Only one thing is certain: Trump’s thirst for the spotlight will ensure he does not follow in the footsteps of past presidents like George W. Bush, who quietly took up painting, or Jimmy Carter and his global activism.

Trump’s future, like his presidency, is likely to be loud, brash and brazen.

It will not be completely under his control. Before taking office, he faced a series of civil and criminal lawsuits related to the business and activities of his family. Once he lost the legal protection of the Oval Office occupants, such lawsuits would accelerate.

The TV superstar who has turned from a real estate developer into reality is considering a number of measures to attract attention.

Trump, who has refused to concede his election defeat and continues to make baseless claims of widespread voter fraud, has told allies he is considering another White House bid.

He has even discussed not attending Biden’s inauguration and announcing his 2024 run that day, a move that would allow him to continue the raucous campaign rallies he thrived on in 2016 and 2020.

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