Afghan forces kill Taliban mastermind of army base attack

Afghan forces kill Taliban mastermind of army base attack


Kabul: Officials said on Monday that Afghan forces killed the planner of the Taliban suicide car bomb attack that killed at least 30 security personnel.

Hamza Waziristani was killed in an air strike overnight in the eastern province of Ghazni where the bomber struck an Afghan military base on Sunday.

“The mastermind behind yesterday’s terrorist attack on the (Ghazni) base was killed along with seven other terrorists,” the defence ministry said in a statement.

The attack was one of the deadliest in months targeting government forces in Afghanistan, where violence has surged since the start of peace talks between President Ashraf Ghani’s administration and the Taliban in Qatar.

No group claimed assault.

The Taliban often refrain from commenting on alleged deadly attacks.

Since the signing of an agreement with Washington in February, the insurgents have launched attacks on Afghan forces almost daily, mainly in rural areas. The agreement laid the foundation for the withdrawal of troops by May 2021.

Health officials in Ghazni said 30 people were killed in Sunday’s attack, but the Ministry of Defense said 10 people were killed. The Ministry of Defense stated that the number of casualties in the attack on its troops was low.

Violence has also surged in Kabul in recent weeks, with more than 50 people killed in two assaults on educational centres and a rocket attack.

The three Kabul attacks were claimed by the Islamic State group, but Afghan officials blamed the Taliban — who denied any involvement. 

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