Adenovirus infecting chickens in Lahore

Adenovirus infecting chickens in Lahore


An autopsy of poultry conducted by Lahore University of Veterinary Medicine on Friday showed that Lahore chickens have begun to be infected with a new deadly virus called “gland”.

Professor Tahir Yaqub, head of the Department of Microbiology at Lahore University of Veterinary Medicine, said the new virus kills 4,000 chickens every day.

Professor Yaqub said that after Ranikhet and influenza, these chickens are now infected with adenovirus.

The professor said that the virus attacked the nervous system of chickens and caused respiratory diseases. And because of the adenovirus, this ranik vaccine has expired.

Professor Yaqub said citizens should avoid purchasing chicks and only buy chickens weighing 2kg.

“The price of chickens has started going up after they started dying due to the virus.” 

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