Actress Meera makes an emotional appeal to PM Imran

Actress Meera makes an emotional appeal to PM Imran


New York: Hollywood actress Meera appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday to arrange her resignation because she is helpless in the United States, where the coronavirus has claimed thousands of lives.

In a video message on Monday, the actress who went to the United States to shoot the movie “Long Distance” stated that she did not want to die in a foreign land, and added that she wanted to die in Pakistan.

The Baaji actress said she had no savings and her survival was difficult, adding that New York is becoming a cemetery because thousands of people are dying every day.

“I am confined in my hotel room where I had come to New York with several artists for the shooting. My colleagues have already returned to Pakistan but I am stuck in New York,” Meera said.

Meera further said, “Dear prime minister, you have always supported artists. I request you to please make arrangements for my repatriation to Pakistan as I wish to die in my country.”

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