Accidents at Chinese coal mines leave two dead, 12 missing

Accidents at Chinese coal mines leave two dead, 12 missing


Shanghai: The state television station CCTV reported on Saturday that two people died and 12 people were missing after two separate accidents in Chinese coal mines.

The two deaths took place at a mine run by Henan Hebi Coal and Electricity Co late on Friday, prompting authorities in the central province of Henan to launch an emergency response plan, CCTV said.

It did not provide detailed information on the cause of the accident, which led to the disappearance of six people.

Last month, the Henan Provincial Government stated that it had approved the reopening of another mine operated by Hebi that had been closed due to violations of regulations.

In the north of the country, another six people were reported missing on Saturday after an accident at a coal mining plant in Heilongjiang province, the broadcaster said later.

China has been carrying out safety inspections at coal mines across the country as record high coal prices encourage miners to ramp up production to meet supply gaps.

In May, China’s cabinet stated that it would work hard to stabilize rising commodity prices while encouraging coal producers to increase production to meet global demand.

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