Abide Ali hits hundreds in a row in the first two tests


Karachi: Pakistani Opener Abid Ali joins the Cricket Elite Club. On the third day of the second match against Sri Lanka on Saturday against Karachi, Pakistani fencers hit hundreds in a row in the first two tests.

The 32-year-old completed his century with two Lasith Embuldeniya gyros and followed his 109 in the first test (his first test) drawn by Rawalpindi.

The 100 people in the first test made Abide the first batter in history to score hundreds of points in both the test and the stage.

Earlier this year, he scored 112 in the first one-day international match against Australia in Dubai.

Abid became the ninth batter and first Pakistani in the history of test ticket and won hundreds of games in a row in their first two tests.

Mohammad Azharuddin of India scored 300 in the first three games after his debut against England in December 1984.

William Ponceford, Doug Walters and Greg Blewitt from Australia, Sourav Ganguly and Rohit Schalma from India, Alvin Karl Ritchan from the West Indies and Jimmy from New Zealand · Netsam has been winner of the first two tests for two consecutive centuries.

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