Abdul Hafeez Shaikh briefed on PSW progress

Abdul Hafeez Shaikh briefed on PSW progress


Islamabad: Advisor to the Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh was briefed here about the progress on the Pakistan Single Window (PSW).

According to a press statement issued by the Ministry of Finance, he is chairing the 5th meeting of the PSW Steering Committee at the FBR headquarters.

The adviser was updated that the steering committee on PSW had met four times and the decisions taken during the 4th meeting were mostly implemented.

The consultant was informed that the “PSW Act 2020” has been proposed in Parliament and the revised PC-1 has been approved by the CDWP.

Therefore, while a development team is working to roll out the first phase of the PSW system in the current fiscal year, PSW has been established and the recruitment process to fill high-level positions has begun. Exchange information with NADRA, SECP and 1 link.

The chairman approves instructions to various ministries to finalize the BRS/policy intervention, and appoint the person in charge on September 15 and amend the previous decision of the steering committee to allow the employment of personnel in PSW Company in accordance with the relevant laws, rules and guidelines of the SECP .

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