Maryam assails powerless PM Imran

‘Aar ya Paar’: Maryam Nawaz says PDM’s Lahore jalsa to show govt’s days are numbered


Rahal: PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz was slammed during a rally held by Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday. She held a rally in Lahore a few days ago.

The leader of PML-N is speaking to a crowd accused of informants at a location in the NA-128 constituency of Lahore. PML-N is seeking support before the PDM rally in the market on December 13.

Maryam mocked the prime minister’s statement that he will not stop the PDM from holding its power show. “He [Prime Minister Imran Khan] says he won’t stop the government but says will not allow chairs,” she said. “He says he will not allow tents. Lahore, tell me, do you need chairs?” she asked. 

She said that the upcoming rally of the 11-party alliance will be a decisive one, without going into details. “On December 13, it will be ‘Aar ya paar,” she said. “The Lahore jalsa will show that this fake government’s days are numbered.”

Mariam laughed at the prime minister, saying that she had come up with a new name for him. She said: “I have decided to call him’Taabidar Khan’.”

She said the days of Prime Minister Imran Khan were over, adding that “the responsibility for demobilizing him falls on Lahore’s shoulders”.

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