AAIB team starts probe into PIA plane crash incident

AAIB team starts probe into PIA plane crash incident


Karachi: The Aircraft Accident Investigation Committee team has begun an investigation into the PIA aircraft crash.

According to a spokesperson for Flag Airlines, the investigation team is collecting evidence from the scene of the accident.

He said that the ten-member technical team had expertise in handling inquiries about air crash incidents and conducted investigations with the investigation to support the probe body.

The spokesman said that the government has expressed the hope that the investigation team should ensure a fair and transparent investigation without any pressure and time, because this will provide all national resources for investigators.

He said that no individual from the relevant agency or department will be included in the investigation team, so as not to affect the investigation process.

He said that such organizations will only provide information and required documents.

The spokesman said that Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted maximum transparency in the investigation of the air crash and did not allow any group or organization to influence the investigation.

He said that Imran Khan hopes to prepare the investigation report in the shortest time and make the investigation results public to resolve the responsibility for losing his precious life.

He said that the Prime Minister believes that the entire country is in shock. In this case, maneuvering to protect personal interests is tantamount to spreading salt on the wounds of families who have lost loved ones.

A PIA spokesperson urged the public to stay away from the evil deeds of self-deceived experts and thugs and not to believe that fake news is spread on social media.

At the same time, 39 of the 97 dead in the PIA plane crash were handed over to these families.

The remaining 56 bodies were detained in two two rooms, waiting for DNA matching and identification.

The DNA matching process has begun, and all the families and relatives of the victims of the crash are in contact with Pakistan International Airlines.

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