8.2 magnitude earthquake off Alaskan peninsula, tsunami warning

8.2 magnitude earthquake off Alaskan peninsula, tsunami warning


Washington: The US Geological Survey said an 8.2 magnitude earthquake occurred on the Alaska Peninsula late Wednesday, triggering a tsunami warning.

According to the US Geological Survey, the earthquake occurred 56 miles (91 kilometers) southeast of the town of Perryville. The US government issued tsunami warnings to southern Alaska and the Alaska Peninsula.

The U.S. Tsunami Warning System said in a statement: “Dangerous tsunami waves from this earthquake may occur on some coasts in the next three hours.”

Perryville is a small village about 500 miles from Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska.

Tsunami sirens can be heard on Kodiak, an island with a population of approximately 6,000 on the coast of Alaska.

The earthquake occurred at 10:15 on Wednesday night (Thursday 0615 GMT).

A broadcaster of the local radio station KMXT stated that if a tsunami occurs, it will hit Kodiak at 11:55 pm.

Kodiak’s reporters and residents posted videos on social media showing people driving off the coast because sirens could be heard.

Hawaii has also issued a tsunami warning, which means residents must stay away from the beach.

According to data from the US Geological Survey, 5 aftershocks were recorded within 90 minutes after the earthquake, with the largest aftershock measuring 6.2.

Alaska is part of the seismically active Pacific Ring of Fire.

In March 1964, a magnitude 9.2 earthquake occurred in Alaska, which was the strongest earthquake ever recorded in North America.

It destroyed Anchorage and caused a tsunami that hit the Gulf of Alaska, the west coast of the United States, and Hawaii.

More than 250 people were killed in the earthquake and tsunami.

In October, a magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurred on the southern coast of Alaska, triggering a tsunami, but no casualties were reported.

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