5kgs of explosive material used in blast targeting Rangers in Karachi: Police

5kgs of explosive material used in blast targeting Rangers in Karachi: Police


Karachi: According to a preliminary police investigation, four to five kilograms of explosives were used in the explosion near a ranger vehicle in the Orangi town area of ​​Karachi. A ranger officer was killed and eight others were injured.

Police sources said the explosives were implanted in the chassis of the motorcycle. The police also informed that the explosion was caused by a remote control device.

The police also obtained detailed information on the motorcycles used in the explosion. According to a police investigation, the motorcycle used in the explosion was stolen from the jurisdiction of the Mominabad Police Station on March 4.

Police said that details of the routes of the terrorists involved in the attack have also been obtained.

Earlier in the day, a remote-controlled explosion in a motorcycle near a Rangers vehicle in Orangi Town area of Karachi resulted in death of a Rangers official while eight people, including a Rangers official, were wounded.

According to police officials, police and Rangers vehicles were busy in snap-checking passersby when a motorcycle parked near the Rangers vehicle exploded.

As soon as the terrorist incident was reported, a heavy contingent of police and security forces rushed to the scene and sealed off the area for all kinds of traffic.

At the same time, the rescue team rushed to the scene to provide medical care to the injured and transferred them to the hospital by ambulance.

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