5 killed as Britain sees first mass shooting in 11 years

5 killed as Britain sees first mass shooting in 11 years


Plymouth, UK: The first shooting in 11 years in the UK resulted in 5 deaths.

Police said on Friday that they are investigating the background of a lonely troubled person who obtained a gun license and shot 5 people, including a 3-year-old girl.

On Thursday night, 22-year-old gunman Jack Davidson committed suicide after six minutes of spree in a quiet residential area in Plymouth, southwest England, not far from the largest naval base in Western Europe. .

But the Devon and Cornwall police ruled out terrorism, including far-right groups, and stated that they had a “family relationship” with Davidson’s 51-year-old first victim, and refused to confirm local reports that she was his mother.

Police said that after killing the woman in her home, Davidson shot and killed the toddler and her 43-year-old male relative on the road outside, and then killed a man and a woman nearby.

Sheriff Sean Sawyer told reporters that two other locals had suffered “serious” but not life-threatening gunshot wounds, adding that as of 2020, Davidson had a valid gun license.

Local and national leaders expressed shock and sorrow. But as questions about Davidson’s past and the police’s response grew, Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his gratitude to the emergency services.

“My thoughts are with the friends and family of those who lost their lives and with all those affected by the tragic incident in Plymouth last night,” he tweeted.

Churches and schools opened their doors for locals to mourn and receive counselling if needed.

“We weep with those who weep,” said Plymouth’s Anglican bishop, the Right Reverend Nick McKinnel.

City leaders plan to illuminate the local landmark Smeton Tower on Friday night as “Plymouth’s lighthouse on very dark, dark days.”

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