30 migrant workers killed in India's lockdown crashes

30 migrant workers killed in India’s lockdown crashes


Officials said at least 30 Indian migrant workers were killed in road traffic accidents on Saturday when they tried to return to their hometowns during a national corona virus blockade.

The accidents in central and northern India are the most recent accidents involving millions of workers stranded and unemployed due to seven weeks of shutdown.

Dozens of people were killed in road and railway accidents, and even walking home tiredly.

In the deadliest incident, Magistrate Abisek Singh told AFP that a truck carrying about 40 workers hit another truck carrying workers and their families and was parked in Uttar Pradesh Roadside cafe.

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Singh said people think truck drivers are asleep.

He added: “This car is loaded with lime powder, which suffocated many people who died, all of them men.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a Twitter post that the accident was “extremely tragic” and said that the rescue work is “full-scale” on the scene.

Local official Shashi Mishra said that in the second accident in Madhya Pradesh, a drunk driver was accused when a truck drove workers back from neighbouring Maharashtra, but There was a rollover accident.

He added that four of the five were women and 17 were injured.

The government of millions of livelihood-based wages has become the government ’s main concern, as the government intends to relax its lock on the United States from Monday in order to make the economy function again.

More cases than China
The Indian government has responded to criticism of its handling of the migrant worker crisis by promising additional funds to provide food and rations to those stranded in the country.

Since the lock-in began on March 25, many businesses closed overnight and millions of people suddenly lost their jobs.

In desperation to return to their hometowns, many immigrants walked hundreds of kilometers or boarded trucks.

While they were sleeping on railway tracks, a train crossed over them and 16 people were killed this month.

While preparing to relax the blockade, the government is also fighting a surge in coronavirus cases in major cities such as Mumbai and New Delhi.

Overnight cases in India increased by nearly 4,000 to 85,940, surpassing the number of officially registered Chinese people who began a pandemic last year. The death toll in India was 2,752, while the death toll in China was 4,633.

Shamika Ravi, an economist who advises the government, is a highly regarded commentator of Indian coronavirus, and he warned that the country must take more measures to control Mumbai, Delhi and Outbreaks in other cities.

With the flu pandemic several weeks away from the peak, Mumbai has used up its beds to treat patients with coronavirus.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan recently told AFP that India ’s response to this pandemic is faster and more controlled than many wealthy countries.

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