22 Urdu films released in Pakistan in 2019


Islamabad: Although the renaissance of Pakistani film began about 15 years ago, it seems that the industry still has a long way to go.

Many films have been produced this year, some have even been well received and some have done well at the register. They are released in multiple genres – commercial films with romance, action, excitement, music, comedy – a few are artistic films whose stories are closer to reality.

Despite all the efforts, however, the number of feature films shown is still not sufficient to meet the needs of cinemas, which are increasingly equipped with multi-screen, digital audio and video systems and modern technology.

On average, the national film industry delivers films in less than 50 languages ​​per year, these films are produced in Urdu and various regional languages, including Pashto, Punjabi, Sarakic and Sindhi En Baluch.

Various and modern cinemas only show Urdu and English films, but not much. Due to tensions between Pakistan and India, Bollywood films are now banned, and cinema owners rely on films from Hollywood and some European countries, as well as Pakistani Urdu films to keep their business.

Only 22 Urdu films were released in 2019, including an animation film.

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