Urban flooding, traffic jams amid downpour in Karachi

2 killed as urban flooding hits parts of Islamabad following cloudburst


On Wednesday, a heavy rain caused urban flooding in several areas of the capital. A mother and her son were killed in Islamabad.

Footage circulating on social media showed flood water sweeping away cars in the E-11 area of the capital.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad attributed the flash flood with a cloudburst and urged the public to “cooperate and restrict unnecessary movements”.

The deputy commissioner further stated that the spillway of the Laval Dam is being opened because he called on the public to stay away from the banks of the Korang and Soan rivers.

The deputy commissioner further said the spillways of Rawal Dam were being opened as he appealed to the public to stay away from the riverbanks of Korang and Soan rivers.

At the same time, the police confirmed the above casualties in a house in the E11/2 area, saying that night floods entered the basement of the house, causing the death of the child, and the mother died later.

Officials stated that the flooding in the E-11 area was caused by the “mismanagement” of the private housing program, adding that there was no equipment available to deal with the situation.

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