Lahore motorway gang-rape: Shafqat confesses to crime but prime suspect Abid still at large

Lahore motorway gang-rape: Shafqat confesses to crime but prime suspect Abid still at large


An accomplice of the prime suspect in the motorway gang-rape case has confessed to the sexual assault, police sources informed on Monday, despite key suspect Abid Ali remaining in the wind.

The source added that the main suspect, Abid, had committed a crime with Shafkat Ali, who admitted that her car was in Lahore-Sialkot on September 9 and even before the DNA test. When the anchor on the highway broke down, a woman was gang-raped.

Punjab police revealed that Shafkat’s DNA matched the samples at the crime scene.

“Our entire team is constantly trying to arrest the accused Abid Ali, whose arrest is expected soon, God willing,” Buzdar said on Twitter.

The source added that Shafkat is the second suspected rapist after Abid Ali, and Waqarul Hassan Shah and Abbas are no longer suspects.

They added that Shafqat was a habitual offender and had been involved in crimes in the past as well.

They said Waqar claimed that Abid had links to Shafqat and his brother-in-law, Abbas, the latter of whom has been detained. Shafqat was then arrested from Dipalpur after being traced through his phone SIM card.

The DNA samples obtained from Shafqat were sent to the laboratory for testing.

A third name has come up in the motorway rape case after police interrogated suspect Shafqat, sources told Geo News. 

According to Shafqat, a man named Bala Mistri handed the main suspect Abid and him to Lahore. Shafqat told the police that the three people gathered in Shahdara and they were Dahi Baray.

“All three went to commit the crime but Bala Mistri turned back halfway,” Shafqat told police, said sources.

Shafqat also told the police that he and Abid had tried to rape a woman in Sheikhupura a month ago, but the Punjab police arrived at the scene to prevent crime and forced the two to flee.

 “We spent a night at Qila Sattar Shah after committing the rape,” Shafqat told police, as per sources. “The next day, I went to Dialpur and Abid went to his father at Manga Mandi,” he added.

The suspect also told the police that he had the last contact with Abid three days ago.

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