Motorway rape case: Waqar's DNA did not match samples collected from crime scene

Motorway rape case: Waqar’s DNA did not match samples collected from crime scene


Lahore: According to preliminary investigations, security personnel did not find the suspected co-defendant Waqar-ul-Hassan. He appeared in court at the CIA police station in Model Town, Lahore yesterday and was convicted in connection with a gang rape of a woman Two children on the highway near Gujjarpura.

According to the details, the police said that Waka’s DNA did not match the samples collected from the crime scene.

Revelations made by Waqar-ul-Hassan

While making important revelations during interrogation, Waqar told that prime suspect Abid has committed several heinous crimes with his accomplice Shafqat who is a resident of Bahawalnagar.

Afterwards, the CIA has sent teams to Bahawalnagar, Lahore and Shekupura to arrest Shafkat.

On the other hand, Waqar is likely to appear in the local court, and an identification parade will also be held to admit the suspect.

Abbas surrenders to police in Sheikhupura

Meanwhile, Waqar’s brother-in-law Abbas has also surrendered to police in Sheikhupura. Sources told that Abbas was using mobile phone connection issued on Waqar’s name. 

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