Balochistan LB Elections: Polling underway in 32 districts

11th General Elections of Azad Jammu and Kashmir to be held on July 25


Muzaffarabad: Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s 11th general election will be held on Sunday.

Over 3.2 million voters will exercise their right to vote to elect members of the Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly for a term of five years.

PTI sent 41 candidates for the AJK poll, followed by 36 candidates from PML-N, while PPP sent only 8 candidates.

A total of 32 political parties participated in the election, and hundreds of independent candidates also competed in all 45 electoral districts, including 33 electoral districts in the AJK region and 12 electoral districts for Jammu and Kashmir refugees settled across Pakistan.

Five seats were reserved for women and three seats were reserved for technocrats, each seat reserved for overseas Kashmiris, Ulima/Mashaik and professionals.

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