10 wounded as rockets hit Afghan capital on independence day

10 wounded as rockets hit Afghan capital on independence day


Kabul: The Ministry of the Interior said that more than a dozen rockets hit the Afghan capital on Tuesday and at least ten civilians were injured in Afghanistan.

Tareq Arian, a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, said that two cars in Kabul had fired 14 rockets, adding that two suspects had been arrested.

“Most of these rockets have hit civilian houses in Kabul,” Arian said.

“Unfortunately, 10 civilians including four children and one woman have been wounded.”

After President Ashraf Ghani attended the Independence Day ceremony at the Presidential Palace, rockets hit the capital.

Witnesses said that some rockets landed in a fortified area near the palace and the Ministry of Defense, where several embassies are also located.

At the time of the rocket attack, the Afghan government and the Taliban were ready to begin peace talks.

Once Kabul has completed the release of about 400 Taliban prisoners, negotiations will begin. This was approved by a traditional gathering of famous Afghans last week.

Gani’s swearing-in ceremony on March 10 was interrupted by rockets near the palace. No serious injuries were reported at the time.

Afghanistan has never been a part of the British Empire, but since August 1919 it has officially separated from British influence.

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