WHO warns world in 'new and dangerous phase' of pandemic

WHO warns world in ‘new and dangerous phase’ of pandemic


Geneva: The World Health Organization warned on Friday that although the disease is accelerating, the coronavirus pandemic has entered a “new dangerous stage”.

The warning came a few months before the first confirmed cases occurred in Italy in December, at the same time as the disease was first reported in China.

Although Europe began to relax restrictive measures, the virus has proliferated in parts of the Americas and Asia. It has killed more than 454,000 people and infected 8.4 million people worldwide.

The blockade measures taken to prevent the spread of the disease have caused serious economic losses, but the World Health Organization says that the pandemic still poses a major threat.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a virtual press conference: “The world is at a new dangerous stage. Understandably, many people Tired…but the virus is still spreading quickly.”

Despite multiple trials, the vaccine can only be kept for up to several months, and scientists are still discovering more information about the virus, its symptoms, and the extent to which it may spread before being identified.

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