WhatsApp rolls out new feature for voice notes

WhatsApp rolls out new feature for voice notes


Meta-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp revealed on Tuesday that users can now preview their voice messages before sending them.

“They’re not mistakes, they’re rehearsals,” Whatsapp shared on Twitter. “Now you can preview your voice messages before you hit send.”

Sharing a 27-second video clip that provides detailed information about the new features, the instant messaging app says users can now “express themselves through a voice message that they can preview.”

Meanwhile, WhatsApp on Monday announced that it would roll out the “Disappearing Messages” feature within the next week.

According to a status shared by the messaging company on Twitter, the feature will allow users to choose how long their messages stay around.

“With Disappearing Messages, you choose how long your messages stay around. Set to default on all new chats, choose the duration, and get more control of your conversations. Not every message needs to stick around forever. Rolling out over the next few weeks,” WhatsApp wrote.

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