Confusion surrounds Imran Khan's shifting from Attock to Adiala jail despite IHC directives

We want protection from SC for long march: Imran Khan


PESHAWAR: Former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman said on Monday that asked Supreme Court of Pakistan to appoint monitoring judges on the cases related to Sharifs.

Speaking at a bar conference in Peshawar on Monday, he said they wanted the Supreme Court to rule on the Long March Army and wanted the Supreme Court’s protection.

He said it was a struggle for true independence and should be considered a “jihad”. He said his government was overthrown by conspiracy, and never in the history of this country had a large number of people come forward to oppose the overthrow of a government.

“Even those who hatched conspiracy against us are surprised by the number of people supporting PTI’s struggle for real independence,” he said.

The PTI chairman said, “I had said that we will be friends with everyone and will support peace but no war.”

Lashing out at the US, Imran Khan said that more than 80,000 people have sacrificed their lives in war on terror but Washington didn’t even appreciate our sacrifices and also accused us of their failure in Afghanistan.

Khan went on to say that India s foreign policy is independent, adding that they have never participated in anyone s war. “I do not want bad relations with any country will never enslave anyone,” he said and added no one has ever investigated drone strikes as marriages, funerals, madrassas have been attacked nor our rulers ever raised their voice.

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