U.S. will not let Iran buy arms when U.N. embargo ends: Pompeo

U.S. will not let Iran buy arms when U.N. embargo ends: Pompeo


Washington: US Secretary of State Pompeo said that the United States will prohibit Iran from terminating the purchase of conventional weapons in October.

Pompeo told reporters at a press conference: “We will not let this happen.” “We will work with the UN Security Council to extend this ban to the sale of these weapons, and then, if we cannot let others take action , The United States is evaluating all possibilities of how we can do this. “

In 2018, the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement aimed at preventing Tehran from developing nuclear weapons in exchange for relief from economic sanctions. As part of the agreement, the United Nations arms embargo on Iran will expire in October.

U.S. officials confirmed that the United States has sent the draft resolution to expand the embargo to the United Kingdom, France and Germany, which are all parties to the nuclear agreement, but United Nations diplomats said that they have not yet communicated with the remaining 11 UN Security Council, including the Security Council Members share this resolution. Russia and China. It is believed that Russia and China have veto power in the Security Council and are parties to the nuclear agreement, and they are believed to be eager to sell weapons to Iran.

“The failure of the Iranian nuclear agreement is a whole lot. One of them is on us. Pompeo said that China, Russia and other countries in the world can sell important conventional weapon systems to the Iranians in October.

“We urge our E3 partners to take action. He added that Britain, France and Germany are all capable of forcing all UN sanctions (including conventional arms embargoes) imposed on Iran to” withdraw “, including conventional arms embargoes.

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