Google pays 500-million-euro French fine

US states file updated antitrust complaint against Google


Washington: A group of US states led by Texas have filed amended complaints against Alphabet’s Google, accusing the tech giant of using coercive measures and violating antitrust laws to promote its already dominant advertising business .

The latest allegation is the latest in a regulatory review of Google’s actions. The technology company faces multiple lawsuits, including a lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice for monopolistic behavior.

Earlier this week, Google lost an appeal against the EU’s $2.8 billion antitrust decision.

The amended US lawsuit was filed in New York federal court late Friday, accusing Gostgle of using monopoly and coercive tactics against advertisers to dominate and drive out competition in the online advertising space.

The lawsuit also emphasizes that Google used a secret program called the “Bernanke Plan” in 2013, which used bid data to provide advantages for its own advertising purchases. For example, in the 2015 iteration of the plan, Google allegedly abandoned the second highest bid in publisher auctions, accumulated funds in a pool, and then spent the money only on increasing the use of the company’s Google Ads ads The customer’s bid. The states claimed that otherwise they might lose the auction.

Neither Alphabet nor the Texas Attorney General’s office immediately responded to requests for comment on the lawsuit.

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