US scrambles to stem revolt as Trump faces anger for violent crackdown

US scrambles to stem revolt as Trump faces anger for violent crackdown


Washington: On Tuesday, US leaders sought ways to stop police racist turbulence, from extending curfews to attracting demonstrators. President Donald Trump was widely criticized for deploying force to disrupt peaceful rallies.

The protests of the past week have peacefully brought a multi-ethnic coalition to the streets in the past week, but every night they are in chaos and activists and officials are accusing the activists.

New York’s curfew has been extended for a full week since the Second World War, after some of the city’s most famous shopping addresses were looted, including Macy’s flagship store.

Minnesota took one of the earliest concrete actions to resolve the dissatisfaction behind the uprising. The uprising began in Minneapolis, the largest city in the state, after the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed African-American, on May 25.

Floyd died almost nine minutes after being pinned under the knee of white police officer Derek Chauvin. He ignored Floyd’s demands throughout his life. Despite repeated complaints, he still Stick to the use of force.

Lieutenant Penny Flanagan said of structural discrimination: “We have to spend some time changing this.”

She told reporters that the state is conducting a civil rights investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department, which will investigate possible violations 10 years ago.

In one of the dozens of cities in Los Angeles that was hit by unrest, police and mayor Eric Garcetti acted as a symbol of solidarity when they met march demonstrators led by African-American Christian groups Succumb to the knee.

Gasetti said to them: “Blackface should not be sentenced to death, homeless, sick, underemployed, and undereducated.”

He invited the leaders to enter the city hall and promised to discuss the issue instead of “words.”

He said: “We need a country that can listen.”

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