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US recognises Pakistan’s efforts to counter terrorism in 2020


The United States’ annual report on terrorism recognizes Pakistan’s efforts in 2020 to combat terrorist financing and restrict India-backed militant groups from launching attacks in Pakistan.

US Secretary of State Anthony Brinken stated in the report that Pakistan has made some important contributions to the peace process in Afghanistan, such as encouraging the Taliban to take peaceful measures to reduce violence and making greater progress in completing its Financial Action Task Force (FATF) operations. 2020 plan.

However, the report pointed out that it (Pakistan) has not fulfilled all the elements of the action plan and remains on the FATF’s “grey list”.

Although acknowledging Pakistan’s efforts to combat terrorism in the region, the report claims that terrorist organizations will continue to attack Pakistan’s military and civilian targets in 2020.

The report stated that although Pakistan’s national action plan requires that armed militias are not allowed to operate in the country, several terrorist organizations designated by the United Nations and the United States that focus on overseas attacks will continue to operate in Pakistan in 2020, adding that the government and military Actions on safe havens for terrorism across the country are inconsistent.

“Authorities did not take sufficient action to dismantle certain terrorist groups,” it stated.

Appreciating Pakistan’s constructive and active role in the International Atomic Energy Agency-hosted meetings and in the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, the report noted: “Pakistan is committed to combating the trafficking of items that could contribute to the development of WMDs and their delivery systems.”

In a chapter titled “Support for Pakistan,” the report stated that the US urges Pakistan to dismantle terrorist groups within its territory while acknowledging Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan and broader regional security.

“The United States cooperates with Pakistan on counterterrorism operations, which has helped Pakistan reclaim parts of the country previously held by militant groups,” it reported, while claiming that designated terrorist groups continue to conduct attacks against Pakistani military and civilian targets.

“While Pakistan has taken some action against these designated terrorist organisations, some externally focused terrorist groups continue to find safe haven in Pakistan,” the report stated.

The chapter in the report further noted that the US has supported civilian law enforcement and the rule of law to help Pakistan disrupt transnational organised crime and terrorist networks and provide security and justice for Pakistani citizens.

The emphasis on sustainable development and capacity-building, and on leveraging trade and private sector investment where possible, encourages partnership and a long-term positive impact on the Pakistani people, the report stated. People-to-people exchanges, which largely shifted to virtual exchanges during COVID-19, helped promote mutual understanding and bilateral ties, it added.

In a section about USAID Basic Education in Muslim-majority countries, the reports revealed that $5.2 million was allocated to Pakistan.

“USAID activities expanded access to quality basic education for all, particularly for marginalised and vulnerable populations,” it noted.

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