US officials brace for ‘peak death week’ in coronavirus 1

US officials brace for ‘peak death week’ in coronavirus


Washington: On Monday, U.S. officials crowned the country ’s “peak death week” due to a coronavirus pandemic, as the increasing number of deaths in the United States bridged the gap between Italy and Spain, which have the most deaths to date.

This will be the peak period of hospitalization, the peak period of ICU, and unfortunately the peak period of death. “The physician, a member of the White House Coronavirus Working Group, and Admiral Brett Giroir told ABC’s” Good Morning America “on Monday.

Giroir issued special alerts to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Detroit, and reinforced the information of American surgeon Jerome Adams, who warned on Sunday: “This will be us The moment of Pearl Harbor, our 9/11 moment. “

More than 336,000 US coronavirus cases were confirmed on Sunday. According to official Reuters data, the United States is by far the world leader, with almost twice as many cases as Spain and Italy.

The latest data shows that the daily death toll in the United States is about twice that of Spain and Italy. On Sunday, the number of deaths in the United States increased by 1,144 to a total of 9,573.

The hospital reported that the bed, ventilator and protective equipment were in chaos because the patient isolated from his family died alone. At the same time, more than 90% of Americans received a whole-house service order issued by the governor.

On Monday, investigators confirmed in the US government’s first assessment of the hospital’s ability to respond to a coronavirus outbreak that facilities nationwide face “significant challenges,” including a shortage of equipment and personnel.

In terms of examining and treating patients, the Inspector General of the US Department of Health and Human Services said in a report of 323 hospitals based on the March 23 investigation that the hospitals do not have sufficient capacity to cope with this surge, which has caused doctors and nurses Emotional damage. -27.

HHS inspectors said: “Hospitals report that the general shortage of personal protective equipment puts staff and patients at risk.” “In addition, hospitals often report waiting 7 days or more to obtain test results,” which requires them Patients stay longer and consume more critical supplies.

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