US magazine exposes links between India and Islamic State

US magazine exposes links between India and Islamic State


Washington: The US “Foreign Policy” magazine exposed the connection between India and terrorists in its article “Indians and Central Asians are the new faces of the Islamic State.”

According to this article, India and Central Asia are increasingly connected to land parcels outside the region, which is dangerous for neighboring countries.

In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) proposed a series of policies to promote Hindu nationalist narratives that openly opposed Muslims. It added that for the Indians, the international role was more restricted. Most Indians appeared in the attack on Afghanistan, and the number of people on the Syrian battlefield was very small.

This threat only emerged in early August when thea Islamic State of Khorasan (JSK) attacked Jalalabad prison. The article said that this was made after ISKP had previously decided to use Indian fighter jets to attack Sikh gurdwara (place of worship) in Kabul.

The Islamic State officially announced the establishment of a branch in India last year.

Foreign policy further shows that India is related to the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka in 2019, the attacks on Turkish nightclubs on New Year’s Eve in 2017, or the truck attacks in New York City and Stockholm in 2017.

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