US judge rejects Trump's latest bid to hide tax returns

US judge rejects Trump’s latest bid to hide tax returns


An American judge Tuesday rejected former US president Donald Trump’s legal attempt to hide his tax returns from Congress. 

Trevor McFadden, a Washington District Court judge appointed by Trump, said that the former U.S. leader’s legal team had been fighting the Democratic Party’s efforts to view his tax returns for two years. The above is wrong”.

The ruling was a major blow to Trump. Although he promised to make it public in his 2016 campaign pledge, he still tried his best to keep his tax returns confidential.

Trump stated that the efforts of the Democratic-led House of Representatives are politically motivated.

Democratic Congressman Richard Neal, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee that led the effort to secure access to the tax returns, said the ruling was “no surprise, the law is clearly on the Committee´s side.”

“I am pleased that we’re now one step closer to being able to conduct more thorough oversight of the IRS’s mandatory presidential audit program,” he said in a statement.

The Justice Department in August ordered the Treasury to provide the congressional committee with six years of records that Trump had refused to make public.

The law does not require the president of the United States to disclose detailed information about his personal finances, but every American leader since Richard Nixon has done so.

The Congressional Committee has the right to make the return public, but the judge’s ruling includes a warning about this move.

“It might not be right or wise to publish the returns, but it is the Chairman’s right to do so,” McFadden wrote.

“Congress has granted him this extraordinary power, and courts are loath to second guess congressional motives or duly enacted statutes. The Court will not do so here and thus must dismiss this case,” he said.

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