US Election 2020: Melania Trump 'yanks' her hand away from Donald Trump's

US Election 2020: Melania Trump ‘yanks’ her hand away from Donald Trump’s


A video clip of the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) Melania Trump ‘yanking’ her hand away from husband Donald Trump’s raised a lot of eyebrows on Twitter. 

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Social media users After the latest US presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden was over, one day wives joined their husbands.

When Joe Biden received a warm hug from Jill Biden, Melania stood beside her husband and held his hand briefly. After the couple took a photo, they left the stage. But it seems not a good way.

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When the couple began to leave, Melania could be seen pulling her left hand out of Trump’s control. The clip was all the rage on social media, and several users suggested that FLOTUS gave her husband an indifferent shoulder when the world was watching.

One Twitter user pointed out how Trump could not beat his wife, let alone the audience in the debate.

Another person pointed out how Biden brought a friendly atmosphere to Trump after the debate, but the President of the United States ignored it. Then, the president’s wife removed her hand from Trump.

For another person, Melania’s “cold” gesture was hilarious but not shocking. 

It is not clear whether Melania’s actions were intentional. However, this is her first public appearance after recovering from the new coronavirus.

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