UK govt warns of tougher measures on social distancing 1

UK govt warns of tougher measures on social distancing


London: British Health Minister Matt Hancock warned on Sunday that if people do not follow strict guidelines to reduce the spread of coronavirus infection, the government may ban outdoor sports.

The warmer weather on the weekend has raised concerns that after the UK enters the third week of the confinement period, the British may gather in parks and open spaces, which may increase the spread.

A major park in south London was closed on Sunday due to concerns about excessive sunbathing on Saturday.

Hancock himself was positive for the COVID-19 test, and he told Sky News TV ’s sunbathing “violating the regulations” that any attempt to do so would put his life at risk.

Later, he told the BBC that most people followed the instructions and just left home to buy necessary supplies and medicines and exercised once a day.

But he said that this is not the case for the minority, which is “incredible”.

He said: “The fact is that more and more people go out, the more the virus spreads.”

“I do n’t want to use sports as a reason to run away from home because I do n’t follow the rules …

“If the result of this is that too many people go out to violate the rules, I am afraid we will have to take action.”

At the same time, police in Dorset, southwest England, said they accused a man of being involved in a public supermarket crime because he was suspected of applying saliva to items in a supermarket.

The Hancock warning came after the reported number of COVID-19 deaths reached a record high. The incident brought the total number of casualties in the UK to 4,313 and the number of diagnosed cases was 41,903.

The death toll included a five-year-old child and seven medical staff.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is still self-isolated after being positive for the disease and is expected to peak in the UK next week to 10 days.

His pregnant partner Carrie Symonds said she also had symptoms but had not been examined.

Queen Elizabeth II will praise people’s response to the outbreak in a rare special speech on Sunday 1900 GMT.

Her eldest son and heir Charles Prince is recovering from mild symptoms of COVID-19.

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