UK COVID-19 death toll topped 38,000 as of early May: official data

UK COVID-19 death toll topped 38,000 as of early May: official data


London: According to official data released on Tuesday, as of early May, the number of COVID-19 deaths (including suspected cases) in the UK has exceeded 38,000, making it the most serious official death to date in Europe to date.

The National Bureau of Statistics stated that as of May 1, it had recorded 34,978 COVID-19-related deaths in England and Wales.

According to Reuters calculations, plus data previously released by Scotland and Northern Ireland, as of May 3, the death toll was 38,289.

Although different counting methods make comparison with other countries difficult, the data confirms that the United Kingdom is one of the most severe countries in the pandemic, which caused more than 285,000 deaths worldwide.

Ministers did not like the comparison of overall death tolls. They said that excess mortality (the number of deaths from all causes exceeds the average for a year) is more meaningful because it is internationally comparable.

The previous picture depicts a cold picture, although progress is slow.

ONS said that in the week ending May 1, the death toll from all causes was 17,953. This is the second consecutive week of decline, but it is 8,012 people higher than the average of the same period last year.

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