Uber offers discounted trips to 2.5 million UK health care workers

Uber offers discounted trips to 2.5 million UK health care workers


London: Uber will offer discounted travel to health professionals in the UK from Wednesday as the service expands its range of services based in Madrid last month to 4 million front lines fighting COVID-19 in more than 20 countries of workers.

The ride services company said it is partnering with governments and medical institutions around the world to establish Uber Medics to provide employees with free and discounted ride services to and from hospitals, health centers and nursing homes.

Uber said that after linking the NHS email address to an account or registering through their nursing home, 1.2 million UK National Health Service (NHS) employees and 1.3 million Uber-funded rescuers will receive 25% Discounts on traveling.

CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said that Uber is proud to play a small role in the tremendous efforts of medical personnel to protect and treat people affected by COVID-19.

“We stand ready to work with governments and healthcare providers around the world to support their efforts to tackle the pandemic,” he said on Monday.

Uber said Uber Medics was developed in Madrid last month and was developed at the request of the Madrid Ministry of Health to support medical personnel as a basic service.

It has since expanded to more than 20 countries, including France, Italy, Germany and India.

Uber said earlier this month that it will provide 10 million free rides and food delivery services to health professionals, seniors and those in need around the world.

In Britain, it is providing 200,000 free rides and 100,000 free meals for NHS staff. 

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