Two solar, four lunar eclipses in 2020: Fawad Ch

Two solar, four lunar eclipses in 2020: Fawad Ch


Islamabad: The Federal Minister of Science and Technology said that there will be two solar eclipses and four lunar eclipses this year.

Fawad Chaudhry said in a tweet that today’s eclipse is most apparent in Sukka and its surrounding areas. He added that the second solar eclipse this year will be on December 14, but it will not be seen in Pakistan.

Speaking of the myths surrounding eclipse and lunar eclipse, the federal minister said that when human knowledge is very limited, superstition is rising. Everything these men like is related to good luck. He is worried that everything including eclipse is related to torture, but now science has revealed the reason behind this natural phenomenon. Therefore, superstitious stories related to it are also breathing, he added.

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