Two PIA pilots confirmed to have contracted coronavirus, shifted to Lahore hospital: Rashid 1

Two PIA pilots confirmed to have contracted coronavirus, shifted to Lahore hospital: Rashid


LAHORE: Two pilots of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) that recently flew back from Canada have been confirmed to have contracted the novel coronavirus and shifted to a private in Lahore for treatment, according to Punjab Minister for Health Yasmin Rashid. 

“The coronavirus tests of two PIA pilots and three other members of the crew on a flight that recently flew back from Canada were carried out and the two pilots have tested positive for the virus,” Rashid told the media on Monday morning. 

“The two pilots have been shifted to a private hospital in Lahore for treatment where their condition is getting better. The other three crew members have been told to self-isolate themselves in line with international protocols on the virus,” Rashid added. 

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) suspended operations in Karachi on Sunday and dismissed reports that pilots taking off from the United Kingdom had been infected with coronavirus.

In a statement on Sunday, National Airlines clarified its views on the isolation of Karachi Airlines personnel. Pakistani spokesman Abdullah Khan said, “The People’s Army is strictly following the instructions of the Pakistani government.”

“The instructions include measures related to disinfecting the airplane as well as the crew’s health and safety,” Khan added, noting that the federal government’s instructions were being followed at all airports in the country.

He said the incident at Karachi airport “violated the Pakistani government’s instructions to airline personnel,” adding that all officials had been notified three hours ago when the plane was due to arrive from London without passengers arriving.

However, the spokesperson stressed that, despite instructions, officials from the Sindh Health Department insisted on isolating pilots.

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