Twitter locks official Trump campaign account over sharing Hunter Biden video

Twitter locks official Trump campaign account over sharing Hunter Biden video


Twitter suspended the official account of the Trump campaign on Thursday, saying that the Trump team called the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden a “liar” on Twitter and posted a section about Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Video, which violates its policy.

The operation was held 19 days before the election day.

“Your account has been locked,” the standard Twitter message read. “What happened? We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically, for: Violating our rules against posting private information.”

“You may not publish or post other people’s private information without their express authorization and permission,” the post reads.

The Trump campaign tweet in question read: “Joe Biden is a liar who has been ripping off our country for years.”

The campaign also posted a link to a video about Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings, especially referring to the New York Post, which posted an email suggesting that Hunter Biden asked executives of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings Introduced the father at the time and the vice president at the time. At the request of Hunter Biden in 2015. Fox News has not independently verified the report.

According to the “Post” report, in 2019, an email appeared in a laptop hard drive and fell off in a repair shop, adding that a copy of the hard drive eventually fell to private lawyer Rudy Giuliani (Rudy Giuliani). )’S lawyer Robert Costello (Robert Costello). For President Trump.

However, a Trump campaign official pointed out that videos posted by the campaign can still be viewed on Trump’s own Twitter account.

“This is election interference, plain and simple. For Twitter to lock the main account of the campaign of the President of the United States is a breathtaking level of political meddling and nothing short of an attempt to rig the election,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh told Fox News. “Joe Biden’s Silicon Valley pals are aggressively blocking negative news stories about their guy and preventing voters from accessing important information. This is like something from communist China or Cuba, not the United States of America.”

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