Trump votes in Florida before rallies; Biden focusing on Pennsylvania

Trump votes in Florida before rallies; Biden focusing on Pennsylvania


West Palm Beach, Florida: President Donald Trump said that he voted for “a man named Trump” on Saturday, calling him an “honor” for casting his vote in Florida, where he was adopted. Then he flew to the three battlefield states to campaign.

With the help of rock legend Jon Bon Jovi Democrat Joe Biden focused on the highly competitive areas of Pennsylvania, which may be the key to determining the outcome of the state.

After his campaign in Florida on Friday, Trump, who spent the night at his Mar-a-Lago resort, stopped at the early polling station set up in the public library. Last year, President Bush moved his official residence from New York to his private Florida club, complaining that New York politicians treated him badly.

Trump could have been greeted by a group of cheering supporters at the voting site by mailing ballots, but chose to vote in person. He followed local regulations to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and was wearing a mask.

Since Delaware does not vote early, Biden has not yet voted, and may vote in person on election day on November 3. Trump carried out large-scale frauds on mailed votes, unfounded claims, and added new methods to voting in person.

“When you send in your ballot it could never be like that. It could never be secure like that,” said Trump before leaving for his campaign stops in three states. 

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