Trump to ease lockdown, saying virus cases have ‘passed peak’ 1

Trump to ease lockdown, saying virus cases have ‘passed peak’


Following cautious action in Europe, President Donald Trump vowed to announce plans to reopen the world ’s top economies on Thursday, saying that despite the record number of deaths per day, the United States has “exceeded the peak of the coronavirus crisis.

Since its emergence in China in the second half of last year, this epidemic has turned the world upside down, forcing half of humans to move indoors and forcing the global economy to develop into the second Great Depression.

According to Agence France-Presse statistics, the death toll has exceeded 133,000 and the number of infected people has exceeded 2 million-in the United States alone, nearly 2,600 people have died in the past 24 hours.

But a bullish Trump told reporters his “aggressive strategy” against the virus was working and that “the data suggests that nationwide we have passed the peak on new cases”.

He promised swift “guidelines” on reopening parts of the country, suggesting less-affected states could ease restrictions before May 1.

“We’ll be the comeback kids, all of us,” said Trump.

Leaders around the world are fighting how to restore normalcy and start their broken economy without risking a devastating second wave of infections.

In Germany, Europe ’s top economy, Prime Minister Angela Merkel urged “extreme caution” as she announced the initial steps to reopen some stores and gradually restart the school.

Elsewhere in Europe, one month after Denmark closed, Denmark began to reopen schools for younger children, and Finland lifted the blockade on Helsinki.

Lithuania said it will allow smaller stores to reopen from Thursday, while Iran, which has been hit hard, will allow some small businesses to reopen.

New Zealand may begin to ease the blockade of the country next week, but Prime Minister Yacinda Arden warned on Thursday that this is far from normal.

However, the United Kingdom is expected to extend the blockade measures later on Thursday, and Belgium has postponed its “orders at home” until May 3.

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