Trump lashes out at 'stupid' Republican critics

Trump lashes out at ‘stupid’ Republican critics


Carson City: President Donald Trump lashed out at “stupid” critics from within his own party and called for unity on Sunday after growing Republican criticism and warnings of a “bloodbath” in the November 3 election.

Trump made the above comments because he and his Democratic opposition, Joe Biden, landed in the final round of key swing states, and opinion polls showed that the real estate tycoon is at serious risk of loss.

Trump’s speech at a rally in Nevada ranged from the attack on Biden, boasting of his economic policies, to discussions about water pressure in bathrooms, and discussions about shirts worn by the commissioners of the National Football League.

But he also talked about the comments made by Senator Ben Sass, Republican of Nebraska, who recently told voters that Trump “kissed the dictator’s ass”, abused women and used the White House as a business activity.

Other Republicans warned that election losses in the polls would include congressional candidates including Senator Ted Cruz. Senator Sed Cruz, like Sasse, said that there is a danger of “holocaust.”

Even Lindsey Graham, Trump’s closest Senate ally, recently said that Democrats have a “good chance” to win the White House.

“We have some stupid people,” Trump said at the rally in Carson City, Nevada’s capital.

“We have this guy Sasse, you know, wants to make a statement… The Republicans have to stick together better.”

Trump, scrambling to make up lost ground, is on a furious multi-state barnstorming tour, hopping on Sunday from Nevada to California and then back to Nevada for a day of rallies and fundraising, before moving on to Arizona on Monday.

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